Hello! We are looking for volunteers to support the campaign to protect the area impacted by the proposed Highsted Park development.

This page contains:

  • A brief overview of what we are doing
  • How you can help
  • Latest updates for volunteers (plus who is doing what!)

What we are doing

  1. Letter to local residents (raising awareness)
  2. Collecting visuals to share (explaining the impact)
  3. Other items will be added here over the next couple of weeks

How you can help

  1. Letter to local residents (raise awareness)

We are delivering a simple flyer to residents in Bapchild, Teynham and Tonge. The purpose is to raise awareness to the Highsted Park development; share some of our concerns and explain how to reply to Swale BC with their concerns. To volunteer, send a message via email or text 07790003743.

2. Collecting visuals to share (helping other understand impact)

Do you have a simple graphic or picture to help explain the impact of the proposed Higsted Park development? We will publish the best examples online. http://land-west-of-teynham.co.uk/to-share/
Graphics must be factual (e.g. could it stand up in court of law); relevant and concise. We are also looking for good quality photos to share (copyright free). To share content, message Paul Townson on facebook,

Latest updates for Volunteers

  1. Letters for Residents

21 August: 1500 leaflets have been printed and are now available for collection. Leaflets pickup times from Paul: Sat 21 (10:00-12:00). Sun 22 (11:00-12:00); Monday 23 (10:00-12) +(17:00-19:00). Other dates by agreement.

Who is doing which areas/patches:

  • (In the process of adding other names over the next day or so)
  • Aeilish G – Bapchild
  • Charlotte W – TBC
  • David & DamonBarrow Green (French’s Row; Triggs Row; Lower Road (From Harri`s Shop up; Conyer Road (top); Osiers Road; Deerton Street. (the elms) etc Teynham Street. Plus Station Row (Behind station); Conyer Road (down to Stone Chimney Farm); The Crescent; Selby Court / Old School apartments.
  • Jacki G – Honeyball
  • Jacquie T – Cherry Gardens; New Gardens & Donald Moor Ave.
  • Leesa L – TBC
  • Linda M – TBC
  • Mandy D – Doddington
  • Paul T – Lower Road (Frognal Lane to Station Road) + Frognal Lane
  • Pauline S – Cellar Hill
  • Peter W – Orchard View; Bakers Close; Roper Road
  • Rebel Walkers – Tonge
  • Sioux & Colin – London Road & Frognal Gardens


  • OBJECTIVE: Deliver one flyer to each household in Bapchild, Teynham and Tonge. DO NOT ring the doorbell. We are NOT engaging in door-to-door canvassing.
  • SAFETY: Only deliver leaflets during daylight hours. Be visible when walking on rural lanes with particular attention for cars and motor bikes. Wash hands regularly and definitely before eating. Maintain social distance. Leaflets can be heavy so think about your back!
  • RESPECT: Respect other people’s property. Always close garden gates; DON’T post leaflets in postboxes that state ‘no leaflets’ or ‘no junk mail’. Respect other people’s points of view. Be friendly. Always say hello if you meet others while delivering leaflets. Some tips below. Don’t forget you may be the only person that the resident may have talked to for a day or two. Plus, of course, its a way of reinforcing our community. If you can, take 10 minutes to have a chat.
  • CONVERSATION: (for the few people that you meet in person) Say what you are doing: Part of a small group delivering leaflets across Bapchild; Teynham & Tonge – to raise awareness of the proposed Highsted Park development – share some of our concerns – we don’t know all the issues; but its a starter for 10. Plus most importantly ‘How to reply‘ to the council. Sadly, we don’t have the resources to answer detailed questions about the development – encourage residents to contact Swale BC with their questions or concerns (Contact details on ‘how to reply‘).

Leaflets have arrived!